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Power Generation:

TLT ACTOM’s parent company TLT-Turbo GmbH has worked in the field of aerodynamics for decades specialising in the design and the manufacture of fans for the thermal power plant industry. This has also placed a strong emphasis on continuous improvement in the design technology, manufacturing procedures, quality control and field services. Manufacture of large rotating machines demands attention to detail, which is the hallmark of TLT-Turbo GmbH.

Centrifugal Fan Design For Power Plants:

The majority of the installed base of fans in African power station is centrifugal type fans. Here TLT-Turbo GmbH with TLT ACTOM (Pty)Ltd have the ability, through decades of experience in designing testing and manufacturing centrifugal fans, to service retrofit and upgrade all centrifugal fans on power plants.

Axial Fan Design For Power Plants:

The fans of TLT-Turbo GmbH being used in thermal power plants especially with coal combustion are able to deliver volume flows of more than 1000 m³/s. A pressure increase of 20,000 Pa has become more common.

TLT-Turbo GmbH has the capability to deal with fans driven by motors in excess of 13MW, high abrasive conditions or extremely corrosive characteristics when burning tar-like refinery products. Flow control is achieved in these axial fans by having adjustable blades in motion. This gives very good controllability with exceptional efficiencies whilst maintaining the pressure capability.

Flow Adjustment Through Variable Blade Pitch In Motion and Speed Control:

Optimising the efficiency is one of our specialties. We can draw upon a comprehensive experience and a wide range of development results tried and tested in practice. Combined with blade adjustment, they allow for the implementation of wide operating ranges with low power consumption. What has long been standard practice for wind tunnel systems or tunnel ventilation systems is now also being utilised on power plant fans. Speed control combined with blade adjustment can provide the operator with the best control philosophy and thus the lowest possible power consumption. As a benefit for these efforts, the operator has the lowest possible power consumption.

The typical fan applications include:

In addition to new plant for the industry, TLT ACTOM (Pty)Ltd are also capable of upgrading existing plants. These typically apply for increased duties to meet the needs of upgraded gas cleaning systems (ie electro-static precipitators to bag filters). In this case, TLT ACTOM may also make use of our retrofit technology to upgrade existing fans.

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